Bespoke, personal and delightful. ALPHA is here to keep you and your clients connected, enhance client satisfaction, and increase sales.

ALPHA is a suite of Apps that introduce CONNECTED CLIENTELING a new kind of bespoke shopping experiences and delightful new services for your clients. ALPHA brings you an always updated style profile of your clients, and bespoke style requests and suggestions. With advanced features — DMs, likes and dislikes, store appointments & distant sales — ALPHA will help you inspire your clients like never before.

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the media.
CONNECTED CLIENTELING unlocks new bespoke shopping
experiences and services for your clients.
Know what your clients are shopping for and help them style their cart.
Feature packed:
Client requests, DMs, likes and dislikes, store appointments, remote selling, and more...
Ready to go.
No complex integration required.
ALPHA elevates your clients' shopping experience, and helps you drive better sales.

Try ALPHA today.
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Invite your clients to a red carpet experience, every time they shop with you.
Drop your generic messaging apps and invite your clients to experience a more personal, thoughtful and engaging shopping experience. ALPHA gives you a dedicated and powerful set of clienteling tools, all designed to help you with your client's shopping and style needs — all in one place.

Install the ALPHA App and invite clients to connect directly with you via a simple click. They will access a super easy, enjoyable, and comprehensive shopping experience that's both bespoke and exclusive.
Invite your client to Alpha Clienteling App via a text message or via the QR code
For your clients
By simply scanning your personal code, clients can get the ALPHA App and instantly access direct messaging with you, as well as schedule appointments, request items, and much more.
For you, the SA
ALPHA brings you the most advanced clientling tool on the market, boosting your sales —average ticket increase up to 30% — and client satisfaction.
Get to know your clients' style — not just their e-mails.
ALPHA pushes what's possible. The client book gives you an always-updated, cross-brand view of your clients' style that goes beyond their purchase history and email. It's like a personal invitation to step directly into their lifestyle and passions. Now you have everything you need to start a conversation about style, inspire new ideas, and curate their looks with just the right items.

Personal shopping that's truly personal.
Client Style
An onboarding questionnaire, specifically designed to capture style and personality, helps your clients express and share who they are and what they are looking for.
Know your client
Client Style introduces you to a more comprehensive picture of your clients, that gets richer and more insightful every day – even when they don't see you.
Alpha gives you an rich and insightful view on your clients' style
Style notifications
As they shop, ALPHA allows your clients to easily track and share with you whatever they added to their wardrobe, or their likes and dislikes.
Bespoke outreach
ALPHA keeps you up-to-date on your client's latest profile changes, giving you infinite outreach opportunities for better sales.
Know what your clients are shopping for.
Style their cart.
ALPHA introduces a new way to shop, where clients can show you a look they have in mind, or a specific product they are looking for.

For your clients, it's simple. Grab a picture, or screenshot a hot IG look and share it with an SA, then start a conversation around style ideas, and beyond.

For you, it's high conversion. See what they like and dislike across products and brands, then inspire them with fresh looks and product ideas.
Create a Request
Help your client with their style need by answering their requests
Ask for Styling to
Clients can invite multiple SA's to help them with their style needs
Client requests
No more guessing. Get inspired by your select SAs and Brands with customized product and style suggestions, perfectly matched to your personality.

Be exceptional
Always be relevant to your clients, inspiring them with style and product advice – when they want to buy or simply when they need advice.
Clienteling has never been this easy and powerful — with direct messaging, remote selling, appointments and much more.
Introduce your clients to a new, modern, and exclusive way to shop — with your help both remotely and in real life. ALPHA smartly collects all SAs ideas in one place, making for easy comparisons, conversations, and instant feedback.

ALPHA provides you with the most powerful clienteling tool to organize client visits in-store, or to simply close a sale remotely.
Client requests
Forget basic messaging apps. Inspire your clients with organized product carousel, comments and direct messaging to immediately measure their reactions.
No integration
ALPHA works right out of the box as a stand-alone solution. And, it also works easily alongside your favorite corporate tools.
Powered by the most advanced shopping AI engine: YOU.
The dashboard helps you keep track of all your clients and clienteling activities. Review new client requests, see how they reacted to yesterday's product ideas, and plan for what's next.

ALPHA also delivers powerful "last mile" marketing tools, like being able to invite select VIC to upcoming private sales.

With ALPHA, the opportunities for better connections are limitless.
The powerful clienteling dashboard
Clienteling dashboard
We designed a simple and powerful dashboard to help you stay on top of all your most important tasks.
Better service = better sales
Elevate your store with a set of exclusive shopping services, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales.
CONNECTED CLIENTELING brings you and your clients closer – boosting loyalty and sales.
ALPHA is more than a software company making an app. We are a team of luxury retail experts, data scientists, digital product thinkers, and creative makers. Our digital products are used by millions around the world every day.

ALPHA distills years of knowledge in digital and retail business, giving you access to powerful tools and client experiences typically reserved for brands with large investments.

We are here to change the game, helping you leverage the transformative power of digital product experiences to boost your bottom line.
up to
Increased Sales
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Repeat Purchases
In case you
missed anything.
What is ALPHA?

We distilled more than 20 years of experience with
consumer brands—from bringing e-commerce solutions to market, to brand engagement experiences to advanced clienteling tools—into ALPHA.

Our goal is to craft the most modern and powerful clienteling tools, unlocking innovative and engaging shopping experiences that build and retain client relationships, improve store traffic and generate increased sales.

Until today, these kind of tools have been only within reach for large brands. With ALPHA, we're harnessing the power of digital and making it accessible to everyone.
Does it requires any back-end integration?

ALPHA is very flexible to your needs.

You and your store can implement it immediately, and start inviting clients today. ALPHA doesn’t need costly or lengthy integrations with other ecosystems and databases to get up and running.

And, if you need extra power or seamless integration with your existing tools, Alpha is easily customized to integrate and support your current workflow.
What are the key benefits for the Sales Advisors?

With ALPHA, SAs extend clienteling attention they have with their best clients to a broader audience. They are able to create, grow, and nurture their client portfolio, getting meaningful information about their clients. They can focus on higher conversion rate activities, by proposing the right product, to the right client, at the right moment.
Is ALPHA customizable?

Sales associate can manage their own list of clients, add specific information on clients, activate notifications on specific events and use the tool to best fit their clienteling approach.
Why will clients use ALPHA?

ALPHA vastly improves any client's shopping experience. Clients leverage a circle of inspiring Sales Advisors who help them with product recommendations, style advice, scheduling, and other improved elements of the shopping experience.
Will ALPHA increase my sales?

Yes. Clienteling is becoming the most important source of sales, especially in periods when store traffic is low. ALPHA quickly improves and supports your clienteling strategy, helping you to create a loyal audience of clients and leading to sales increases of 25% or more.
Is it only for luxury and fashion brands?

ALPHA is ideally suited to any business that requires a trusted relationship with your clients and knowing them better. Apparel, accessories, shoes, beauty, kids, and sportswear are excellent example of retail spaces where Alpha can thrive.
What is the pricing of ALPHA?

A simple monthly fee based on number of SAs and clients will apply. Contact us for more information on specific pricing for your needs.
Is ALPHA just for big brands?

From small stores to global brands, Alpha helps people to get the best from their client portfolio.
Why are clients sharing their data in Alpha?

With ALPHA, clients have full control over their data and, at the same time, they have an incredible tool to share the data they believe are relevant to their circle of SAs, in order to receive the best inspirations and service.
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