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The Enterprise version of ALPHA give you access to a fully customizable dashboard that aggregates all clienteling data from all your stores and CAs. It gets very easy to monitor and review outreach efficacy and adjust your strategies in real time.

ALPHA for Enterprise

Clienteling Value Map

The Map has been designed to help you better understand and direct your clienteling efforts. Run by the ALPHA clienteling algorithm, it automatically segment your clients and coaches you on the best next steps.

Customizable to fit your KPI's

The ALPHA dashboard is fully customizable to your and needs. Remove the non-relevant info, expose others, integrate you other data feeds, and re-arrange the panels to craft your unique view.

An insightful view with no rivals on the market.

ALPHA brings you a view of your clients that goes beyond the sales numbers. We closely monitor engagement on all fronts; clienteling pressure, frequency of conversations, products loved and disliked, active styling requests, and much more. 

Each panel in the dashboard gives you access to an expanded and rich detail view, customizable and full of powerful tools.

Powerful BI tools at your team's fingertips.

ALPHA enterprise gives your entire team direct access— inside the ALPHA app — to a personal clienteling dashboard with analytics and insights about their clienteling activities.

We make it easier to review performances and get coaching tips on how to better outreach and engage with clients.

Client’s Insights

Get valuable insights into your client portfolio. ALPHA helps you identify the most engaged client and the ones you've forgotten about.

Product Insights

With the integration of your product catalog, ALPHA can bring you a detailed report across all outreaches and clients. Track the products that are generating the most engagement and sales.
Measure the performances of your clienteling effort on all fronts.
Get insights and tips on how to sharpen your strategy.
Give your team access to powerful tool to run better their game.

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Today's Tasks
Take control of your day with an aggregate view of all your clienteling activities, smart reminders, new messages, marketing tasks and much more.
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Client Outreach
Inspire your clients with the new collection campaign, new arrivals, product previews and private sales. ALPHA enables you to monitor your client engagement and jump into an engaging conversation about product and style.
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Chat & Fitting Rooms
We designed Chat Rooms to keep SAs and their clients engaged in inspiring conversations around style and products — while capturing better insights about both products and clients.
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Client Requests
Know what your client is shopping for and engage with hyper targeted product suggestions. ALPHA allows your clients to reach out with styling requests directly to SAs.
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Client Book & CRM
ALPHA enables each SA to monitor their client lists on their mobile phone, get outreach opportunities and ideas by browsing through rich client profiles, and keep everything in sync with the main CRM.
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Easy Client Registration
ALPHA allows SAs to instantly connect with their favorite clients and immediately start a conversation.
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Rich Client Profile
The ALPHA client profile gives you an always-updated, cross-brand view of your clients' style that goes beyond their purchase history and email. It's like a personal invitation to step directly into their lifestyle and passions.
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Analytics & Insights
ALPHA give you access to a fully customizable dashboard that aggregates all your stores and CAs clienteling data and insights.
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