Styling Requests

Client Styling Request
style your clients
like in store, only better.

ALPHA lets your clients reach out directly to you with styling or product requests. Help them find a new outfit, a gift for their partner, or the perfect accent bag for their next event, like if they were in store. ALPHA give you the tool to stay engaged, exchange options, track preferences and close the sale.


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Client Request

Open an exclusive channel to your best clients. With ALPHA, they can connect and reach out directly to you, the SA, with specific product or style requests.

ALPHA makes it easy to collect and share product ideas and drive better sales & cross-sales.

See what works
and what doesn't

We collect your clients' feedback on product and style proposals and give you an instant overview of what they like and dislike.

Engage 1-on-1

Each client request comes with a private chat room so you, the SA,  can engage right away in style and product conversations and follow-ups with your clients.

Simply much better than using a messaging apps.

We make it easy and super engaging for your clients to shop, review and chat about the look and product ideas you shared with them.

Styling Request provides an unmatched shopping experience and service for your clients— simple, inspiring, and super straightforward.
ALPHA for Client

A wall full of options

Each styling ideas and additional suggestions are all captured in a e-commerce like easy to browse wall. Products and looks get organized as your clients express their preferences with their Like and Dislikes.

Create your team of stylists

Each Styling request comes with a dedicated Chat Room to engage in conversation and when needed allows you to invite your colleague SA and collaborate in completing the styling requests.

The power of word to get to know and style them better.

ALPHA helps them keep a dedicated channel with you with for all their shopping needs. Simple, inspiring, and super straightforward.
Provide a bespoke shopping channel to all your clients.
Capture their need, style their cart and make them feel loved.
Give them access to a exclusive and personal in-store experience even from home.
ALPHA will change the way you work — simpler and with better results.

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Today's Tasks
Take control of your day with an aggregate view of all your clienteling activities, smart reminders, new messages, marketing tasks and much more.
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Client Outreach
Inspire your clients with the new collection campaign, new arrivals, product previews and private sales. ALPHA enables you to monitor your client engagement and jump into an engaging conversation about product and style.
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Chat & Fitting Rooms
We designed Chat Rooms to keep SAs and their clients engaged in inspiring conversations around style and products — while capturing better insights about both products and clients.
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Client Requests
Know what your client is shopping for and engage with hyper targeted product suggestions. ALPHA allows your clients to reach out with styling requests directly to SAs.
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Client Book & CRM
ALPHA enables each SA to monitor their client lists on their mobile phone, get outreach opportunities and ideas by browsing through rich client profiles, and keep everything in sync with the main CRM.
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Easy Client Registration
ALPHA allows SAs to instantly connect with their favorite clients and immediately start a conversation.
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Rich Client Profile
The ALPHA client profile gives you an always-updated, cross-brand view of your clients' style that goes beyond their purchase history and email. It's like a personal invitation to step directly into their lifestyle and passions.
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Analytics & Insights
ALPHA give you access to a fully customizable dashboard that aggregates all your stores and CAs clienteling data and insights.
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